What is Sky AdSmart?

Sky AdSmart is a highly controlled way of advertising; combining TV and digital methods by showing different ads to different households who are all watching the same programme.

The unique thing about Sky Adsmart is that you no longer need huge investment to advertise your products or services on TV.

How does Sky AdSmart work?

The Sky box stores household data, including the adverts for that specific demographic. Targeting is second to none, using a mix of Sky customer data and 3rd party consumer profilers to understand your audience segments.

When there is an opportunity to show a Sky AdSmart advert during a break on one of the selected channels, the Sky box will play the most relevant one to that audience. Yes, it really is as simple as that!

Used by all sized businesses

Whatever your business size, you can be confident in the heightened targeting precision, meaning your adverts will only play to your selected audience. This ensures Sky AdSmart is an affordable marketing option for all brands, as you can control your overall spend and views accurately.

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