With the speed at which the digital landscape changes, it’s vital to stay on top in order for your site to flourish in search results.

You can benefit from our digital experts’ knowledge in easy to understand definitions and real-world examples.

There’s no jargon (and if there is, we’ll let you know what we mean) and we can walk you through SEO or PPC basics as well as tailor training packages to your specific requests. Just get in touch today.


Understand your site performance and learn how to boost your
online marketing with iThinkMedia training courses.


SEO is often seen as a “dark art”. We’ll help you make sense of search engine optimisation.

Walking you through the things you can have an effect on to looking at examples from your own site, you’ll be able to optimise your offering in no time.


PPC is instant marketing. Create a campaign, pay for each click and you have traffic.

What will give you the best return? How do you structure your account? And what do you bid on? Find out this and much more in our simple to understand pay per click training.


You may already know the basics and want to learn more about link building. Or Google Shopping. Or it could be a combination of things.

That’s fine by us. We love putting together training courses tailored to your needs. If it’s just for you or your digital team, at your place or ours, just get in touch and we’ll be happy to talk through your requirements.