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Whether it’s a large ecommerce website or a simple static website, a solid technical SEO strategy can make a huge difference to your sites visibility in Search

Most websites have technical problems, which can undermine an entire digital campaign. User experience is becoming the most important factor to gain high visibility in search. Slow websites are likely to hurt sales, PPC performance and search ranking. Are you providing a good user experience on your site? Can search engines and users find the information they are looking for easily?

Our experts will work with your developers to identify, diagnose and give solutions to all of your technical challenges. Whether you are looking for a detailed review of your website, preserve existing SEO value when migrating to a new website domain or platform, Geo-targeting and international SEO or just consultancy throughout the process of building new sites, iThinkMedia can help.

Why choose us?

  • Proven track record of managing technical projects
  • Industry leading tools and technology
  • We can speak the language of your developers
  • A cost-benefit prioritisation for every project
  • Project based or on-going support

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Shoppers expect sites to be fast and deliver the best user experience.

The average retail site performance doesn’t live up to the expectations of a modern searcher resulting in losing customer and sales. Just a half second delay in page load times can make a 10% difference in sales for an online retailer.

Source of research: dynatrace market research

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