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Don’t let a migration turn into migraine! We make sure you retain SEO value when migrating to a new site design, domain or platform

You want your website migration to go without a hitch, and if there is any risk of traffic loss you want to know about it before it happens. Technical best practice for website migration process, with focus on preserving existing performance and SEO value. Typically includes prioritisation and 1:1 page redirection mapping for all URLs where possible.

Whether it’s a content management platform migration, https migration, multi-site merger or domain name change, iThinkMedia have you covered. We have ample experience in delivering successful migrations of all types and sizes from simple https migrations on small local businesses to complex CMS migrations on FTSE 250 companies with over 30k pages.

Why choose us?

  • Mitigate traffic loss
  • Identify problems before they happen
  • All migration types covered
  • Websites of all sizes covered
  • Future proofing your website

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Site migrations are often associated with a risk of losing traffic. On the other hand, it presents a great opportunity to enhance the performance of your website.

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