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Resolve issues with international targeting, improve search experience in local markets by getting your Geo targeting and language targeting right

Invented by Google, hreflang tags were designed to solve international SEO problems for websites offering services to an international audience, through different languages and currencies. When hreflang tags are either set up incorrectly, or are missing, Google does not know which page should appear in what country, and will likely treat all variants like duplicate content.

Without international SEO, Search engines get confused and may rank in the wrong country resulting in a bad user experience. We can handle this entire process of geo targeting and producing local content and take the hassle away from you.

Hreflangs can be extremely complex to implement and troubleshoot. There is a lot involved and we have all the expertise you need for a successful implementation.

Why choose us?

  • Removes duplication between local markets
  • Increase sales within local markets
  • Increased engagement from local audience
  • Experienced working in a range of territories
  • Translations by native speakers

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Spire Health

We asked iThinkMedia to review of performance in international markets. A big part of the strategy was to improve the geo targeting across all local markets.

iThinkMedia provided us with a very detailed, clear and concise technical review of all local sites. The follow up and support to implement has been to a high standard and very proactive. With their help, we were able to fix all cross-market duplication issues.
EMEA Digital and Retail Marketing Manager

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