Use Remarketing to reach customers at multiple
touch-points in their buying journey

Remarketing lists can be created for multiple customer segments giving you the chance to re-engage potential customers and persuade them to complete an order. Custom audiences can also be created using marketing data taken from your CRM targeting existing customers with cross-sell opportunities or loyalty discounts and promotions.

Our clients generally see a significantly lower cost per lead through Remarketing when coupled with product segmentation and list durations in-line with their customers buying cycle. We build these insights for our clients and create tailored lists to recapture their customers, driving more revenue and a higher ROI.

Benefits of Remarketing

  • Re-engage with previous site visitors
  • Tailored ads based on visitor behaviour
  • Higher ROI than traditional display
  • Lower customer acquisition costs
  • Additional brand exposure

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Nissan Retail

Where others have failed, iThinkMedia not only found a solution to generating leads
through remarketing for a historically challenging model but they did it extremely
effectively – both in terms of speed and cost.

The campaign has not looked back ever since – great job!
Marketing Manager, Nissan Retail

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