Content Strategy


Identify your audience’s pain points to deliver a
strategy to rival your competitors

Our experienced data-driven, in-house content strategists will pull together a tailored and actionable content strategy for your business needs and goals. Whatever your industry, our research will identify your audience segments, search intents and competitor gaps, that will form the basis of your strategy and how you are going to stand yourself apart from the competition.

Don’t waste your precious budget or resource again on content that isn’t performing. Once your strategy is in place, you can ensure your in-house team or iThinkMedia can create content that will add real value and align to your overall content strategy moving forward.

Why you need a content strategy

  • Identify your audience segments
  • Understand their online search intent
  • Establish competitor gaps and your USPs
  • Tailored packages to your needs
  • Actionable strategy outputs

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Never underestimate the power of a solid content strategy

With data and insight at the heart of all content strategies we create here at iThinkMedia, you can be confident the approach will engage your audience. Measurement is really key, if we see something not working we look to immediately optimise in order to continue bringing you search marketing successes.

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