Do you know what your content is aiming to achieve and how to get to that point?

If not, you need a clear content strategy in place to understand where your brand is heading within the digital landscape. After all, why put all that effort into it if you don’t know what success will look like?

Whatever your industry, our content strategists are confident in approaching all brands with a refreshed view and creating strategies to help build your online presence.

Depending on what stage your brand is at online, we tailor our strategy services around your requirements to ensure you are getting the most efficient and actionable plan as possible. Some of the different elements within the strategy may cover some of the below elements.



An audit of your content and your competitor’s content will allow us to identify:

  • The areas for optimisation, consolidation or removal
  • Any content gaps and key opportunities
  • On-site user experience
  • Understanding your USP within the current digital landscape


Dependent on the amount of audience insight your brand has currently, we can either start from scratch or build upon what you have already.

We’ll be specifically looking to understand your audience’s pain points alongside how each segment uses your content for engagement and importantly, conversion of your products or services.


One thing we never lack at iThinkMedia is creativity! Our content team are buzzing with new ideas, staying on top of industry trends and campaigns.

Whether you are looking for creative blog titles or larger campaign ideas, we’d be happy to take your brief and think outside the box to deliver a range of proposals suited to your requirements.


The way your brand communicates online is key. If you don’t have an effective tone of voice for your brand, we can help you to develop this for your future internal and external communications.


With so many marketing messages and channels, how do you decide what goes out and when?

We can help to put together a structured, well thought out editorial plan for the upcoming months to ensure you are targeting the right audiences with the right content. If you are going to create awesome content, it’s only right that you are maximising your assets to the greatest degree across marketing channels, to get the best results online.


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