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We localised SEO for 56 international sites across two .com domains to improve international SEO performance

The Brief

Osprey, a British luxury leather company has two .com domains with 56 international sites, each with localised languages and/or prices. Google considered these two domains as competing sites and showed the wrong country folders from each domain.This had a direct impact on the user experience and sales in both markets.

Our job was to come up with a strategy to improve the user experience and optimise both sites for international SEO.


The Solution

The challenge would be working with two separate bodies (Osprey US and Osprey EU) and their developers, each with different priorities, objectives development timelines and even time zones.

The developers found it challenging to keep the hreflangs in sync between two completely different sites with separate databases. We spotted that the products had certain EAN numbers that were being used between both countries. We proposed that we use these as a type of unique ID. By standardising product IDs we were able to future-proof against the hreflangs going out of sync.

The Outcome

As a result, the Google UK rankings increased or gained new position on 486 keywords. This improvement was mainly product names that were previously being outranked by the US site.



YOY increase
in organic sessions


target keywords
increased in rankings


YOY increase in
organic revenue

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