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We keep New Era’s product descriptions in their unique tone of voice and optimized for Search Engines

The Brief

Each quarter, New Era faces the huge task of mass-producing product descriptions and meta descriptions on a large scale. With a wide range of products to cater for, each and every descriptions must be SEO optimised to capture the right search terms, as well as maintaining a consistent TOV.

iThinkMedia were tasked with the challenge of producing hundreds of product and meta descriptions on a monthly basis. The main focus was to ensure that all descriptions are accurate, whilst reflecting the brand’s unique flair.

New Era

Our Strategy

On a product by product basis, we took the time to familiarise ourselves with each of the products available and the brand itself. With every new batch of products, we had to understand what it was the customer looks for when searching for each particular item.

We implemented accurate, descriptive and SEO optimised copy that captured New Era’s specific TOV. In Q4 alone, we produced over 1160 product and meta descriptions.

Forming a relationship

Our relationship with New Era has grown from strength to strength. With a 328% increase in the total amount of content produced, we have seen a huge rise in the number managed to get the delivery time down to an incredible average of 9 working days per 450 product and meta descriptions.


Working with iThinkMedia on a monthly basis to write our product descriptions has been an extremely positive experience.

The team complete the work promptly and we’ve been very pleased with the SEO and customer journey strategies recommended to improve our conversion rate.

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