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We helped Fujifilm break their digital marketing cherry using paid social to increase the awareness of mirrorless cameras

The Brief

The digital camera market is fierce with competition; with brands always looking to push their latest model release and Fujifilm are no different. Their market share is growing in the mirrorless camera market, but is a technology not as well-known as the DSLR market.

Our brief was to discover a new target audience through market research and provide a strategy that would look to disrupt the DSLR consumer journey and educate the wider public on the benefits of mirrorless cameras.


Our Strategy

The first insights came from our extensive research that challenged Fujifilm’s internal insights as to who their target audience was. We combined first party and third party data, built lookalike audiences and analysed online marketplaces to identify segments that were more likely to consider mirrorless cameras during their journey of buying a digital camera.

Targeted advertising

Carrying out paid social advertising across Facebook, Instagram and YouTube as well as running display advertising, we were able to tailor our messaging and creative to the new customer segments.

This has seen some really encouraging results for the UK market with the intention of running a pan-European campaign in early 2018





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