Google Adwords Basics Blog: Landing Pages

Phil Stevens
Mar 09, 2011
Paid Media

Welcome to the latest edition of the Google Adwords Basics Blog. In this blog I will discuss how important it is to use relevant landing pages.

Okay so you have done the hard bit, you have got someone to click on your ad and they have landed on your site, but if you’re sending the user to the wrong page then the chances are they will leave your site, therefore costing you money.

The landing page for your advert is one of the most important aspects of Adwords, your landing page needs to be targeted and specific. Think about it, what is the point in paying for traffic to your website if the page you’re sending them to isn’t going to generate sales, registrations or page views?!

Your landing page needs to be highly relevant to the keywords that you are targeting (this is made easier if you’re account structure is right with targeted ad-groups see here (link to keyword selection blog)) for example if you are targeting the keyword “Adidas trainers” your landing page should be a page dedicated to Adidas trainers or at the very least a page that contains some Adidas trainers. We have all seen it haven’t we? Where we search for a product, click on the ad only to find we land on a home page or even a page with no obvious sign of the product you were looking for! Make sure you’re not one of those companies!

Another benefit that is overlooked is that if you’re landing page is highly relevant to your keywords then your quality score will be higher and therefore you will appear in higher positions and you will pay a lower CPC. It really is a no brainer!

By using a relevant landing page you will immediately see that your bounce rate will drop as people will actually see products or information that they were looking for. It is very important that the content on your landing page is highly relevant to the keyword or search term that you are targeting. By decreasing bounce rate you will more than likely improve your conversion rate and you will certainly increase your average page views, which could be crucial if your website makes money from advertising.

One way of testing the effectiveness of your landing page is A/B testing. With A/B testing you use 2 landing pages for the same advert with subtle differences. This will help to determine what factors increase conversion rate. When you have done this you can optimise the landing page using the information you have gathered to hopefully achieve the optimum conversion rate or high number of page views, depending on what your goal is.

To sum up, by improving your landing page you can increase conversion rate, increase quality score, appear in higher positions and save money!

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