5 Hot Tips To Improve Your Shopping Feed

Andrew Mugridge
Mar 21, 2016
Paid Media
5 Tips To Improve Your Google Shopping Feed

5 Tips To Improve Your Google Shopping Feed

If you’re advertising on Google Shopping or thinking about starting to advertise within the Google Shopping market place, we’ve got 5 tips to help create and improve your shopping feed.

Pay attention – with the recent changes to the Google SERPs, Google Shopping has become even more of a priority within advertisers’ online marketing strategies. If you wish to read more on this, why not read the blog post my colleague Dominic wrote here.

So here are our 5 hot tips to help and create your shopping feed;

1) Ensure All Data is Clean & Clear

When reviewing your feed we suggest making sure that you check the following;

★ Check for formatting issues in the data
★ Avoid the use of special characters
★ Ensure that price, availability and stock levels are up to date
★ Make sure that you provide Google with all of the required attributes and data that they require in the Google Product taxonomy

2) Optimise Your Product Titles for Better Query matches

The product titles are the first thing other than the image that a user sees, making it one of the most important attributes. With this in mind, you should make sure to follow these points;

★ Provide accurate, friendly and informative product titles
★ Use your biggest keyword within the first 25 characters
★ Normalise your keywords – e.g. use pink instead of cerise
★ Don’t use block capitals or excessive capitalisation

3) Upgrade Your Product Descriptions

Product descriptions are very similar to the product titles when it comes to importance, so when it comes to optimising, its necessary to take the following into consideration;

★ The description should make sense to your reader
★ It should reinforce your title tag – confusion will reign if your description is saying something that has nothing to do with your title tag, and the search will pass you over
★ Place your primary keyword near the beginning and avoid duplication
★ The character limit for your description tag should be between 160 – 180 to avoid truncation (…)
★ Include your brand to increase brand awareness and help trustworthiness

4) Boost Your Product Images

Using the right images will help improve CTR & maintain above benchmark CTRs. Ensure that your images abide by the best practice guidelines below;

★ Make sure that you use the best possible images available
★ Use full 800×800 pixel dimension to provide the highest possible quality image
★ Avoid distractions on images such as; watermarks/promotional banners/text

5) Shopping Feed Categories

Finally it’s important that you make sure that you optimise your product categories accurately and granularly. This also links back to the first step when we mentioned about the Google Product Taxonomy. So when optimising this area its best to keep the below in mind;

★ Make full use of the categories available
★ Only subdivide if granular categories are available

We hope you find this blog useful.

If you have any recommendations, further questions or even want some more advice on how to improve your Google Shopping. Feel free to contact us today and we’ll be happy to help!

Take care and catch up soon guys,


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