2010 Changes to Google AdWords

Shivam Patel
Dec 16, 2010
Paid Media

Here’s a selection of changes and announcements that have been made in 2010 around Google’s Adwords Advertisement programme.

Understanding Google Adwords

January 2010Policy Adjustment for Display URLs

January 2010Go Mobile! Introducing click-to-call phone number in local ad on mobile devices in the US

February 2010Streamlined analysis tools in your Campaigns tab.

March 2010New Reports: AdWords Search Funnels

April 2010Google scraps GAP and launches Google AdWords Certfication Program

April 2010A new approach to how Google work with advertising agencies

April 2010Google Introduces AdWords for Mobile

June 2010AdWords reports now available in Google Analytics to everyone

June 2010 Google makes more phone numbers eligible for click-to-call ads in the UK

June 2010Google Introduces the Google Display Network

August 2010Google updates its AdWords trademark policy to bring inline with the current policy used in the USA

August 2010Updated Keyword tool comes out of Beta testing

September 2010Google update AdWords reporting

September 2010Goole Launches the AdWords Small Business Centre

October 2010Google improves the Bid Simulator

November 2010Measuring the phone calls you receive from Google AdWords

November 2010Google AdWords sent out emails to some of their agency customers detailing a change that will be happening in their AdWords support model.

December 2010Google launch TrueView Video Ads to give views the choice and control over Ads

December 2010Google launches AdWords Campaign Experiments (ACE), a free tool that makes it easier to test and precisely measure the impact of changes to your keywords, bids, ad groups, placements – and now ads themselves!

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