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PPC (Paid Search Marketing)

Our Qualified PPC team has a wealth of experience working on accounts of varied sizes and in different market sectors.

By far the most dominant and profitable PPC model is Google Adwords with around 90% market share of Search Engine users. Microsoft Adcenter is the next biggest network which includes Bing and Yahoo.

How Google Adwords Works..

Advertisers using Google Adwords set bids for the amount of money they are prepared to pay for each click. Google’s Quality Score is calculated for each keyword in the account which takes into consideration factors like the relevance of ad copy and landing page quality.

The Quality Score alongside the maximum bid set by the advertisers then determines the position an advert appears in.

Google Adwords Professionals

Each member of our Paid Search team has taken and passed GAP (Google Adwords Professional) exams to ensure each client account is in the hands of experts.

Expert PPC Strategy

Before starting a new account we devise a PPC strategy that focuses on your strengths to deliver maximum ROI.

Attention to Detail

Our dedicated team are meticulous in their planning, analysis and day to day management to ensure only the best performance.

Bespoke Reporting

We appreciate every client is different. PPC Weekly reports are tailored to each client’s specifications and delivered to their inbox in time for those Monday morning meetings.

We won't work with your competitors!

At iThinkMedia we believe in loyalty to our clients. You can be assured we will never work with one of your direct competitors.

Targeted Display Advertising

Utilise Online Display Advertising to maximise brand awareness and reach. FIND OUT MORE »

PPC Training Course

Increase in-house knowledge of PPC with our PPC training workshops. FIND OUT MORE ยป

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