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Online Display Advertising

Online Display Advertising offers a great way to reach television size audiences using a range of rich media formats on websites, mobile sites and phone apps.

iThinkMedia can offer management of targeted display advertising campaigns by combining our extensive advertising network with mainstream display channels like Facebook and the Google Display Network.

The Google Display Network (GDN) is managed through the Google Adwords platform offering simple integration with PPC marketing.

Google’s network offers the largest audience with millions of publishers receiving commision through their Adsense program.

In January 2012 YouTube reported an hour of video uploaded to the site every second and 4 billion video views a day.

YouTube Offers a range of rich media formats and very specific targeting by display adverts on videos relevant to your target audience’s interests.

Facebook has over 800 million active users and its advertising platform is more suited to brand awareness than direct ROI advertising.

The Facebook Advertising platform allows very specific targeting of its audience by gender, age, interests, relationship status and more.

According to the IAB and PwC findings, mobile advertising rocketed 157% to a new high of £203.2 million in 2011.

Mobile advertising is the fastest growing marketing channel and offers great viewing potential on mobile sites and smartphone apps.

Targeted Networks are for specific audiences or advertisers looking to appear on the larger audience websites.

We utilise our extensive advertiser networks and devise media buying campaigns that offer the most targeted audience for your budget.

Retargeting (or Remarketing) tracks your site visitors and user’s cookies to display adverts to them as they visit other websites.

Retargeting offers strong ROI potential with the ability to display the products viewed by visitors that did not result in a conversion.

Global Experience

We have experience running display campaigns across Europe, South America and Australia on both mobile and desktop sites.

Large Advertising Network

We have an extensive advertising network to ensure we can provide clients the most targeted audience for their campaigns.

Display Professionals

Our online display team have all passed the Google Display Professionals exams to ensure we offer clients the best service.

No Contract!

We understand that display campaigns are often sporadic and subject to budget. Therefore we charge by campaign.

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