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Geek Squad

Part of the Best Buy Group, the Geek Squad website offers a wealth of information and advice for technology problems to support their expert technicians.

The Geek Squad are the comforting solution to any person’s ‘techno-nightmare’, successfully becoming one of the top brands for computer and technology repairs and offering support to Carphone Warehouse and Best Buy customers worldwide.

One of our newest clients, we took part in a comprehensive agency selection process by the Best Buy Group. We are very excited about working with the Geek Squad to maximise the potential of their website as an online customer support tool.

iThinkMedia’s Brief

Our role as SEO agency can be classified under 3 key objectives for the Geek Squad website.

1) Raise brand awareness and attract new customers by increasing visibility for targeted, generic search terms.

2) Identify the most common technology problems searched for online and highlight search trends for new products entering the market.

3) Reduce the volume of phone calls to their call centre and technician home visits by ensuring common technology solutions can be found easily by customers on Search Engine.

Importance of SEO…

With vast amounts of information available online the Geek Squad have recognised that the first port of call for consumers is often the internet. Utilising their ‘knowledge vault’ the Geek Squad aim to provide customers with expert advice and solutions for common technology problems online.

SEO plays a part in not only making this information easy to find online but also identifying the most common problems experienced by their customers through keyword research.

Gaining top search engine listings will not only improve customer experience but increase brand credibility, awareness and reduce the strain and waiting times for telephone support and technician appointments.

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