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ELC (Early Learning Centre)

As part of the Mothercare Group we have worked with the Early Learning Centre (ELC) since 2008 providing Search Engine Optimisation and Paid Search Consultancy.

Opening it’s first store in the mid 1970’s, Early Learning Centre (ELC) has been manufacturing and selling toys for over 40 years.

Their mission statement ‘to do all we can to help parents help children grow into happy, self-confident people’ is reflected by the range of toys they sell in their 215 UK stores and 80 franchise stores abroad.

ELC have an exquisite reputation, manufacturing toys to consumers which are safe, recyclable and always focused on aiding child development. In addition to their own brand toys, ELC also sell popular brands like Lego, Fisher Price, Playmobile, Leapfrog and Vtech.

Importance of SEO

With such a huge trading peak at Christmas, SEO is a key marketing channel. Retaining page 1 visibility for generic terms allows Paid Search budget to focus on more profitable search terms throughout the year.

The increased competition from department stores and supermarkets also means that a strong presence in Search Engines is vital in raising brand awareness and remaining in the customer’s consideration when shopping for toys online.

"Operating in such a competitive, constantly changing market, it is vital that Early Learning Centre gain as much search engine market share as possible. We have every confidence in iThinkMedia, having received an expert SEO service for over 3 years. We also value their technical abilities, as well as their knowledge of ecommerce.

Thanks to their industry insights, technical reviews and constant research to help improve our customers’ experience, we have seen ELC in the top ranking positions for some of the most competitive terms within the toys market." Michelle Gledhill - Head of Online Marketing, Mothercare Group.

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